CS50 — Tutorial 8 HTML, CSS, Javascript, DOM

HTML tags tell you that this is using html language
Is not shown in the browser window but still important for webpage
Shown in the webpage browser
<hX> render section header with X-level
attribute: start=6 meaning start the list with 6
How to use the table html
  1. Determine selector to indicate the style
  2. In the { } will the key-value pair of style-value properties, end with “ ; ” for the selector
add border to the table
As you only apply on the table, only the table was
link external css to the html
similar with CSS, usually for using separate files
This is iterating the value in key-value pair
This is iterating keys in the key-value
As there are no values with the keys, only the numbers are printed
Get the keys
print out the keys
WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! (day+1) ← even adding the day with 1 outside “ ”
concatenating the information
map(take the function to apply to all things in array)
type stored in one array could change
C structure
How to call C structure correctly
year and model is not individual var ← they need to connect to the structure
This is what we do in C: IS WRONG in JS!!!!!!!!!
function execute on that object
onclick =” ” ← event handler
either one of them clicked will alert that event
srcElement ← which element was interacted to trigger this event
the tree map the structure of HTML
When opening the html collection, see down:
There are 2 child element : head and body
triggerObject.innerHTML.toLowerCase( )




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